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Everything is on the on the CD, Flash Drive and download. They all contain the main 259 page system & also ALL the forms, notes, documentation.
Volume VI:  Shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail with tracking number.

Complete system
Complete system contains:
ALL the forms, notes & documentation
Sent by US Post Office "Priority Mail"
with tracking number

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Volume VI
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IMPORTANT 1a:  REFUND POLICY: Once I ship it or I send you download link by email or I start creating your website template there aren't any refunds or returns or exchanges or credit because copies could be made and then you would end up getting it for free if I allowed refunds after its sent or my work has started.  

IMPORTANT 1b:  There are about 3,141+ counties in the US and 50 states.  I have collected in two states successfully and as of 12/2021 I have fully or partially collected a lot of judgments so far.  Some states (yours could be included) make it easy to collect and some make it hard or seemingly impossible to collect a judgment using the court systems.  But what I teach works for many states/counties.  If it is difficult in your state, work on judgments in another state and the internet makes this possible.

IMPORTANT 1c: Some counties are shut partially or fully down due to Covid-19 (China virus).  Sometimes courts have a hold on garnishing wages or bank accounts and more.   There are about 3,141 counties in the US and I canít help if a county is temporary closed not allowing you to do some of the steps in this system including going in and getting small claims court records.   But I don't have to go to the court myself most of the time (approx 90%) because I get the small claims court records online via the court database or they might even have a CD to sell you.   I also try to work with the debtor and explain how their credit can be affected with a judgment against them for employment, car loans, mortgages and more (see my system for more details) and how paying the debt off can help them a lot.

IMPORTANT 1d: Shipping $10.00 because I am sending it by the US Post Office Priority Mail with a tracking number that I will send you the tracking number by email once it is shipped.

Paperback book and Kindle versions contain the main training course. But only the complete system (which is purchased on this website) contain the complete training system (this is because the complete system contains ALL the forms, notes, documentation, software in addition to the main training course)
Amazon paperback book - $29.99
Amazon Reviews: verified purchases Book and system updated to Volume VI in July.
Barnes and Noble - $29.99
Book Depository - $33.99 free delivery worldwide

Kindle - $9.99
Paperback - $29.99
Mail Order - 10% off
Download entire system
- get it faster - no shipping charges

PS: if you purchase the paperback version and then get the complete system, I will refund $20

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1)  CD or Flash Drive:  Contains EVERYTHING
      ALL forms, documents, software and notes
2)  Download: includes everything on the CD/Flash,
      but you get it ALL as a download instead

PS:  The paperback version is 8"x10" in size of just the main course.  The paperback and the (CD, Flash, Download) contain the main course, but the (CD, Flash, Download) contain Everything else, all the forms, notes and software. 

**The Download is not an "instant" download.  This is because people (hackers) were digging through the website code in order to get the download for free, but I will send you the link as soon as I notice the order was placed, which can be within a few minutes or hours or the next business day at the latest.  Please send me an email after your order asking for it then I can reply to your email and you should get it quicker.  CHECK your bulk or spam folder for my email.   Download is nearly 2 megs.   You can also send me an email to let me know you placed an order.

3-Ring Notebook Table of Contents

 Table of Contents

Paperback Table of Contents

  Table of Contents

Paperback Covers

    Front Cover      Back Cover


This is Volume VI (replaces volume I, II, III, IV and V).. This is a NEW and improved version V. This book is the main course of a training system, it is a 289 page paperback book updated for 2020/2021 and beyond.

Copyright 2022/2023, all rights reserved. No part of this material on any part of the website may be reproduced or transmitted.


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Real Life Example
Section 3)  What is a Judgment?

Section 4)  How many unsatisfied judgments are there?
Section 5)  How did I start collecting my 1st judgment?

Section 6
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